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just because i saw Robert De Niro - ban_anna025

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March 28th, 2008

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09:12 pm - just because i saw Robert De Niro
as i was changing the channels this afternoon, i suddenly craved for some M&Ms and decided to get a whole pack from the ref. and as i came back to the tv set, i realized that i stopped at HBO. i was about to change the channel since the movie thats about to start seems to be an old film but then it flashed: "ROBERT DE NIRO & ROBIN WILLIAMS" wow. these guys are legends. so i gave it a try.

the movie was the "AWAKENING" it was a very nice movie and i just cant seem to forget about it. i'll make another blog about the movie, since this entry is for something else.

i almost cried while watching the movie, but i tried not to since my lola is beside me and i know she'll tease me if i'd cry. just as a look at her i saw a tear fell right down her cheeks. i did to tease her (even if i wanted to) since i know that tear was not just because of the movie, i know there is something else.

you see my lola is a brave brave woman. shes not like any old aged woman that would be very passive and would not care of anything around her. she stays here for some time as a "vacation". she loves to 'hum' and when asked what is she humming she would reply "i dont know" and we would both laugh. she has a very weird laugh, sounds like she is coughing which is amusing because she would call us "tarantado" or "ulol" if we make fun of her and she would even make fun of herself too. she is a superwoman. well at least, for me.

i tried to ignore what i saw and looked at the tv.  there i saw Robert De Niro's close up while he is talking to some group of people. then thats the time it hit me.
he looks like my lolo.

(this is the only picture i have of my lolo, and i cant find a young robert de niro pic. so i hope this would do.)


my lolo died four years ago. my lola loved him very much, eventhough i only saw her cried twice during lolo's wake and burial. i am not that close to my lolo since he has 25 grandchildren, i know it would be impossible for me to be his favorite. his favorite was his first apo,ate jing-jing which lolo is found of calling 'Bonny" i never got to ask why. i am the sconde daughter of his fifth child, now tell me, how could i be that special?

i remembered my lolo having the same aura as De niro's. very tough and could be authoritative. He would smile to his apo when we had done something cute. i remember the smell of pomada whenever i enter his room and would see his hair nicely combed as if even a storm wont ruin it. he has this big voice that can be heard in any part of the house. and he doesnt even talk if he doesnt like the person. he would say harsh words if he finds you offending his family. but he was very soft in some cases or another, specially to his family. i had a few memories of lolo.

i remember him giving me all the skins of his Chicken joy because he knows i love it when i was a kid.

i remember him sitting on his rocking chair in zambales when he knows were going to visit them.

i remember him cursing as he watches tv patrol, because he said everything s bad news. but he cant afford not to watch it anyway.

i remember him putting his feet up a small stool whenever he sits at the living room.

i remember him calling me "anna katrina" and not calling me "anna" only or "katrina" because he said thats my name and i should embrace it.

i remmeber him scaring us that he has a giant friend named "IGO" that lives on the mountains and eats children who dont go to bed early.

i remember him pulling me whenever i forget to kiss him on the cheek whenever i see him, and would say "ah! wlang kiss ang lolo!"

all these memories, just because i saw robert de niro smilling.i wonder if lolo still watches over us? having 8 children, on different parts of the world, 25 grandchildren, and 3 greatgrandchildren and one loving wife whom i know misses him and thinks about him anytime of the day.

i asked lola if she dreams about lolo everynight, she said yes and they would talk all through out her dream. "do you guys talk about me?" i said very reluctantly. my lola smilled and said " of course, he told me he misses you and everyone else". 

i miss my lolo, and now everytime i see Robert De Niro i would remember him.

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