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May 2nd, 2008

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10:02 pm - mom-less
its been a week since mom left for her convention in tagaytay. funny that all of us smiled when she told us that shes going to be away for two weeks since the house would be peaceful(since she alwyas raise her voice) and and there would be no more contrabida(since shes the disciplinarian and dad was the spoiler)

first few days was ok. my dad is always at work and does not even dare question our wants. :)

anna: pa, town ako later.
papa: ah
anna: myang mga after lunch. ok?
papa: ow, ok.

anthony: papa nood tayo iron man.
papa: next week na anak.
anthony: eh! ngaun na! wala tyong ginagawa eh.
papa; ok, maligo na.

he's the best. haha. he's like a walking ATM. the reason why we love him so much. an ideal parent. :)

then after sometime i realized that the house was turning "manly". the master's bedroom is seldom cleaned since my mom cleans that part(she doesnt want the maids touching their stuffs) and my dad is a total couch potato when he is at home, so yes, the cleaning is up to me and rochelle. and since rochelle wastes her time in front of the computer, i do all the work. but i do get away with it too. as i said my dad doesn't even care.

friday is grocery day, my dad almost forgot to give the maids some money to buy stuff. he gave the maid P8,000 which is too much since the weekly budget is only P4,000. i have to be there to stop him and told me "ay ganun ba? di ko nga alam mga ganyan eh, mama mo nagaayus jan eh". right then and there i see it. ---he miss my mom.

my mom gives us a ring every night, and this night, i miss her. we are all "slacking" because shes not here to discipline us. i wouldn't appreciate my dad's aloofness and carefree if my mom wasnt strict and serious. being spoiled is not that much fun anymore since no one is saying "thats enough". these past few days had been fun, were all playing and carefree, but i think we need the contrabida back now. :)
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