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a very mushy entry - ban_anna025

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October 14th, 2008

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12:09 am - a very mushy entry
yuck in not really like this but i realized something today and for the past months. so bear with me. haha

ive been with rean for like, forever! 2 years and some some months is mahaba na. and i didnt expect myself to stay this long in a relationship. and almost everyone i know would say 'kayo parin?" or "wow tgal nyo na!"

    yes boys and girls ang tgal n nmin. and i'd be lying if i say d ako ngsasawa. because in some days i feel i am na prng urhg sya nnman. or wla n bng bago? haha. people would tell us na "bkit d kayo sweet?" like pda and stuff. its because were not. haha i dont know were touchy pero we kinda like having our own personal space. i cnt  explain it much further, maybe one factor is that weve been together for almost 3 years, like come'on ilang hugs and kisses n b un? :) hahahah

    i find it weird when im breaking up with him because for exmple he had done something really really bad, then we wont text for a while then he'll find the right words to say and we'd be ok again. prng its like a spell eh.usually when i say its over, its really over, but with him, its like, it would never be over. and i kinda like that :)

    one time Mico keep on teasing me if kinikilig ako kay rean. and im surprised because its been a while since someone had asked me that. and my answer? "yes". i dont know why but i just do.

like when he tells me na i look good today, that he finds it cute when i make a certain face, when he surprise me with chocolates with no occasion at all, kiinikilig ako. hahaha

eew i know. he may not be the best looking guy out there or the fairest. (hahaha) but i always feel im lucky to have him. there are so many reasons, but i can name a few:
  • he understands my tantrums and find it sometimes cute
  • i could tell anything and everything to him and i find him the perfect bestfriend anyone could have
  • he drowns me with attention
  • there was never a day he never felt proud about having me, even if i have a bad hair day.
  • he knows when to say sorry or when magmamatigas (which i find good in a man coz i hate guys who always say sorry even if its my fault)
  • he would adjust, and adjust, and adjust as far as he could just to give me what i want
  • he can always make me smile/laugh.
  • he hugs me when i least expect it
  • he makes lambing even if im getting mad at him with no reason cause he knows im just tired.
  • he respects me, my family and friends
  • i can do my ugliest face and he would still kiss me.
  • he's very loyal.
  • he would do anything to make me happy.
  • he makes me want to look forward to the day we would meet again.
  • he knows what i want and how to get it.
  • he drowns me with love.
  • he loves me despite my flaws and unreasonable tantrums.
    see? im not like this. haha. bsta, i love rean. period.sometimes so much that im afraid even just to think about it.

Current Mood: gratefulgrateful

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