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sweet sweet sorry. - ban_anna025

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March 15th, 2008

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11:14 pm - sweet sweet sorry.
my mom and dad are the two individuals that made me sharpen my reasoning skills. as a college student its a MUST for us to go out after a torturing and busy week. buying a cute outfit and scheduling is one thing, asking permission is another.

my parents are very protective, they are both lawyers so you can just imagine the things they hear and see in their field of work. yes, murder, robbery, rape etc. and as a parent you oulndt want your child to be exposed as much as possible to these things. but sometimes, they over react to things.

for 18 years you could just imagine how much training i got from them, from answering questions like im in a trial or something.

(when is this? do you have to go? do we know the people you going to be with? how wold you go there? what time are you going to be home?)

due to this, i have to make sure that i can answer them directly, and at once. oh and i have to look straight at their eyes occasionaly :)
i am so good at this that sometimes they would be silent for 5 seconds until they can think of another question or statements like:

(do you know how unsafe the world is? we have handled a case like this! we trust you, but we dont trust your environment etc.)

haha ok. just this thursday we had an arguement about trust issues. they had the lamest excuses. and i had strong points. just as i think i they would surrender they follwed a parent rule:

thou should win the arguemennt against your child at all times, and when all else fails say "we had made our decision and its a no!"

uh ok, that was mature. as obedient as i am, i followed them. but  i know im right, and they know they are wrong.
i gave them the silent treatment which means 'im not talking until you guys admit im right' :)

after 2 days my dad tries to start a conversation  with me and all i answer was a yes and a no. he knew that he has to do something else.

my mom, who was always the contrbida, had no effort or whatsoever. she is used to this kind of arguements.

my dad gave me an ipod touch for peace offering.

i am not that fond of hi-tech gadgets,(i have a nano few years back which was given by my friend which i used for only 3 months.)
but i was fascinated with this ipod's feature. heck i even want an iphone now!
this was the sweetest sorry yet. :)
 after this, i talked with my dad, and everything is ok between us. my mom got jealous and she made effort of peace offering too!

she offered me manicure and pedicure services. but i was too lazy to accept it.

then she gave me a starbucks mocha frap venti (which is one of my favorite drinks in that shop). though its not as expensive and as shocking as my dad did i find it sweet and ok.

so all of us are ok now. i happy that i have an ipod touch, my parents are happy that they dont have to say sorry verbally, which will hurt their egos. :)

wait till i ask permission for a barkada outing in ounta fuego, i wonder what kind pf peace offering they would give me next :)

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