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morning - ban_anna025

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March 15th, 2008

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12:16 am - morning
i am aware that its already late. i just dont want to sleep yet since i know that if i do, i'll wake up to a busy busy day.

lets see:

what i have to do:
  • there is a war between me and my parents.(trust issue, i know im right, so they have to apologize :) )
  • i am hanging by a thread with one of my MAJOR subject. international organizations.
  • my friends are already in summer vacation. (this really really sucks)
  • i have to reread all my reading in my major subject, because i have to do three freaking outlines for my test on tuesday.
what i want to do:

  • pack my things for a beach outing and tell my parents " im going to the beach, don't worry i'll show you my tan when i get back to prove you that i did went to the beach" and then get 2000php from my mom's wallet and get the car and go :)
  • drop the freaking subject, or better yet, drop college. its a waste of time anyway.
  • with bullet one and bullet two, i could now soak under the sun and get a beautiful tan with my friends. :)
  • use the 200++ readings to clean up the poo of my dog.
  • get a cherry tatoo that ive always wanted for yearsssss! 
life would be so sweet. but reality bites and its better to be over and done with all of these things.

so its better to sleeop and go to dream land and be ready for the moment when the sun would pierce my eyes and heat touches my skin, which is called morning.
Current Mood: draineddrained

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